Many words to give my impressions on photography … bla bla bla bla …


Photography is a good means to remember a little the time which passes, like a notebook of voyage, a log book.

It is a vital need, it is my drug with me.

Instead of going to walk my dog, I walk with my camera.

I like to walk in the cities, to trust randomly of the meetings and to seek the decisive moment.

In the center of my photographs there are the life and the movement.

Rare and magic moments exist, it is to say moments when all the elements combine to give a large photograph.

These are these decisive moments that I seek.

As far as possible, I privilege the photography of proximity.

The photographic act must be carried out with the daily newspaper, and starts in priority close to at home, in its immediate environment.
Even if with final I develop my photographs in gray, I find important to be in perpetual training of the lights, the colors, of the forms,…

The cities are polychrome i.e. they have various facets according to the moments when one looks at them and of time that it makes.

I find important to continue to keep a new eye on the things, continuously to relearn to see, to look at the things following various filters, to take as a starting point the large Masters of photography.

Moreover, before being a photographer, I am initially myself a large amateur of photographs, preferably in gray.

The following photographers are particularly expensive to me: Jean Dieuzaide, Sebastião Salgado, Robert Doisneau, Henry Cartier Bresson, Ronis, Izis, Boubat, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Capa, Marc Riboud, Werner Bischof, Roger Ballen, Free Zecchin, Joseph Koudelka, W Eugene Smith, Ferdinando Scianna, Gianni Berengo Gardin, William Klein, Umbo, Atwood, Martine Franck, Weegee, Julia Pirotte, Macaw Güler, Sabine Weiss, Nick Brandt, Chema Madoz, Herbet List,… Martin Parr, Mr. Curry,…

When a certain lassitude settles and that the desire for carrying out catches of sight is not there any more, I remain always very attached to the photograph. I always continue to be interested in the photographs of the others.

For the moment, to develop my photographs, I chose the range of the gray, commonly called black and white.

I like the gray for his purified side because it makes it possible to concentrate on essence.

I like the gray for his timeless side.

Is my taste for the gray an intrinsic need with my brain?

Is it the long story of the photography which worked my taste for the gray?

I photograph primarily by means of an objective 50mm.

The esthetics which results from it, gets a good balance between the blurs and makes it possible to tally tighter.

During a whole period, I tried to work with the 35mm but I did not have the anticipated results. I called besides this period my crisis of the 35mm.
Paradoxically, I do not like to be made photograph.

I have the belief which anonymity and discretion are necessary to make a success of the instantaneous ones.
Photography is also an activity very chronophage.

The catches of sight require much time.

The time necessary with the selection of the photographs increased also much because the number of catches of sights became more important than front.

With that, it is necessary to add the time of development…
I make the wish that one or the other of my photographs can pass the test of time. And perhaps that some of enters they will get a historical value in the course of time.