3 projects in progress

I wish to carry out three specific projects.

MES Brussel

… gathering of a coherent series of photographs on Brussels.

The contents of the photographs will include reports photographs and photographs of street.
Here by way of an example some topics: photograph of street, markets, photographs of night, cemeteries, statues and monuments, traditions and folklores, Ommegangs,  rafters, club of the moustache, Zinneke parades, blessing of the animals, cultural demonstrations , national holiday, activities religious and laic, Armistice, ceremonies patriotic, museums, theater, school of the circus, fight against AIDS, portraits of personalities of Brussels, poverty, clowns, Salvation Army, portraits social workers, portraits of a priest, astronomical observatory,….

ALL around monarchy

The idea is to complete the report set of themes on Belgian monarchy.

It is about a review of the environment around monarchy

MES Belgium

I wish to take part in significant events taking place in Belgium.